Thursday, 22 November 2012

Black Friday Sale at Bad Teeth Store!!

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Limited Edition Bad Teeth Lenticular Cards

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Pre-Drawing Session Meal

Bizarro Glasses

Level 2 of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Robert Arneson:

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Margaret Kilgallen:

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Cheese Resin Toy - Yellow Mustard Edition

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hot Dog Shop on Oak St., New Orleans

Best of Bad Teeth Book - Available from the Online Store!

200 pages of Bad Teeth images from the past 5 years! The first printing also comes with a vinyl sticker sheet and an animated lenticular trading card!! Purchase at the Bad Teeth store here or at the following retailers:

- Comics Etc (Brisbane)
- The Outpost (Brisbane)
- Gallery of Modern Art Store (Brisbane)
- Jim Hanley's Universe (New York)
- Fantastic Comics (San Francisco)

Bad Teeth C64 Style