The first Cheese resin figure, the Yellow Mustard edition!

Swampfiend producing figures in the garage laboratory.

Kaiju style header card for the Supanova release of the 'Yellow Mustard' and 'Red Ketchup' editions (sold out)

Some possible Cheese colourways on display in the Bad Teeth studio..


The original hand painted Cheese toy took a trip to the USA in August 2012, here's some snapshots from the trip:

Cheese loved eating at Jack in the Box in the city of San Francisco!

He dropped by Super 7 and met some new friends!

$2 for a Dr Pepper and a slice at Fat Slice in Berkeley CA

Cheese met a walrus at Upper Playground on Fillmore St!

Chilling upstairs at Kidrobot NY!

Cheese met Rubbish the Rat in Frankie's Apartment!

Hanging out in the stylish Kidrobot SF store on Haight St.

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